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Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity store leases space from MLP Group - 13.05.2021
MLP Group strengthens its team, Karol Kondrat promoted - 11.05.2021
New tenant at MLP Business Park Poznań - 15.04.2021
MLP Group enters into EUR 73.4m portfolio project financing transaction with syndicate of BNP Paribas Bank and PKO Bank Polski - 13.04.2021
MLP Pruszków II receives Excellent BREEAM rating - 23.03.2021
MLP Group posts over PLN 170m in net profit for 2020 - 18.03.2021
Another logistics operator joins MLP Poznań West - 09.03.2021
Electrolux remains at MLP Pruszków I - 23.02.2021
European logistics company joins MLP Bucharest West - 16.02.2021
Austria in MLP Group’s portfolio - 04.02.2021
Lease contract secured for 12,000 sqm at MLP Business Park Poznań - 27.01.2021
Uniq Logistic signs another lease with MLP Group - 20.01.2021
Television operator to become new tenant at MLP Pruszków II - 17.12.2020
MLP Group delivers net profit of PLN 28.2m in Q3 2020 vs PLN 40.6m year earlier - 30.11.2020
Poland’s largest ice cube manufacturer secured as new tenant for MLP Pruszków II - 25.11.2020
Auto Partner expands lease in MLP Pruszków II - 23.11.2020
Start of construction on MLP Business Park Berlin I project - 20.10.2020
Pneuhage Serwis Opon becomes new tenant at MLP Poznań - 13.10.2020
MAAN continues its business relationship with MLP Group - 06.10.2020
Ł leases more space at MLP Poznań - 29.09.2020
Uni-logistics to join MLP Pruszków I - 22.09.2020
MLP Group posts second-quarter net profit of PLN 8m - 26.08.2020
MLP Group starts construction of warehouse project near Berlin - 13.08.2020
Construction of MLP Gliwice completed - 04.08.2020
Paweł Zieliński will join MLP Group - 30.07.2020
Electromobility at MLP - 28.07.2020
European toy manufacturer and distributor to join MLP Pruszków II tenants - 17.06.2020
MLP Group posts first-quarter net profit of PLN 113m, with property value rising to PLN 2.14bn - 26.05.2020
Uniq Logistic to move into MLP Pruszków II The - 07.05.2020
Green logo comes with responsibility - 21.04.2020
Investa remains at MLP Pruszków II - 16.04.2020
MLP focuses on e-commerce in Germany - 26.03.2020
MLP expands its property portfolio making the first purchase in Łódź - 24.03.2020
MLP Group posts just under PLN 130m in net profit - 18.03.2020
Gardening equipment distributor joins MLP Poznań West - 11.03.2020
MLP Group secures EUR 30m for new projects MLP - 26.02.2020
Global logistics company Radial to settle in MLP Pruszków II - 11.02.2020
Lindab to become new tenant at MLP Pruszków II - 21.01.2020
InPost expands business relationship with MLP - 17.12.2019
MLP Bucharest West to house banana ripening facilities - 10.12.2019
Global distributor of IT equipment to move into MLP Pruszków II - 27.11.2019
MLP Group posts just under PLN 100m in net profit - 18.11.2019
Eurotrading International moves into MLP Pruszków II - 06.11.2019
Leader in e-commerce logistics leases 25,200 m2 in three MLP Group logistics centres - 10.10.2019
Eko Higiena to move into MLP Poznań West - 08.10.2019
Siemens moves into MLP Wrocław - 02.10.2019
Igepa becomes new tenant at MLP Pruszków II - 24.09.2019
Electrolux to settle in MLP Wrocław - 16.09.2019
MLP Group to expand leasable property portfolio in Wrocław area - 12.09.2019
MLP Group steps up expansion - 26.08.2019
Italinox-Polska becomes new tenant at MLP Czeladź - 22.07.2019
Nieten to move into MLP Pruszków II - 18.07.2019
MLP Group’s commercialisation level doubled - 15.07.2019
DS Smith moves into MLP Czeladź - 08.07.2019
Marelvi Impex as first tenant at MLP Bucharest West - 24.06.2019
Foundation stone laid for MLP Poznań West - 28.05.2019
MLP Group triples its net profit - 23.05.2019
L-SHOP-TEAM leases 56,500 sqm at MLP Unna Logistics Park - 21.05.2019
InPost will operate from MLP Poznań West - 15.04.2019
Alexandru Mihai joins the MLP Group - 02.04.2019
Finsterwalder next tenant in MLP Unna - 27.03.2019
MLP Group reports a net profit of nearly PLN 100 million - 18.03.2019
Van Eupen Logistik to move into MLP Unna - 14.03.2019
MLP Group is strengthening its position around Lublin - 19.02.2019
Smurfit Kappa poised to move into MLP Pruszków II - 28.01.2019
MLP Group launched the construction of a logistics park in Romania - 21.01.2019
Atlas Ward will expand the MLP Czeladź park - 08.01.2019
DS Smith will move into MLP Czeladź - 17.12.2018
Smart Cargo Solutions on its way to move into MLP Pruszków I - 11.12.2018
Edelmann Poland extends its stay at MLP Pruszków I - 27.11.2018
Tenants award a prize to MLP Pruszków I - 06.12.2018
Dedra enlarges its space in MLP Pruszków I - 19.11.2018
The MLP Group increased revenues by 43% - 15.11.2018
TMM Express moves into MLP Pruszków I - 13.11.2018
MLP Lublin logistics park fully leased - 05.11.2018
MLP Group launches an expansion of its logistics park in Czeladź - 29.10.2018
PartnersPol Group to move into MLP Teresin - 15.10.2018
MLP Group strongly improves its results - 23.08.2018
MLP Group acquires a new tenant in Lublin - 10.09.2018
MLP Group increases commercialization - 12.07.2018
Żabka launches a new logistics center in MLP Gliwice - 21.06.2018
Patrick Kurowski to support MLP Group’s expansion in Germany - 11.06.2018
New tenant will move into MLP Wrocław - 29.05.2018
MLP Group has commercialized the logistics park in Bieruń in 100% - 23.05.2018
Dachser makes its home in MLP Pruszków II - 21.05.2018
MLP Group launches construction of a City Logistics type project - 16.05.2018
MLP Group has increased leased space by 25% - 15.05.2018
Nilfisk, Mitsuboshi and Mainfreight set to remain in MLP Pruszków I - 07.05.2018
Dedra Exim is expanding at MLP Pruszków I - 18.04.2018
Janex has commissioned a BTS facility at MLP Pruszków II - 23.04.2018
New MLP park in Stryków - 11.04.2018
AGED extends its lease agreement in MLP Pruszków I - 09.04.2018
Mirbud launches the construction of two facilities at MLP Pruszków II - 26.03.2018
Construction of a warehouse for Just In Time at MLP Gliwice gets underway - 19.03.2018
MLP Group accelerates its expansion in Germany - 15.03.2018
Betterware extends its lease agreement in MLP Pruszków I - 06.03.2018
Polish Holding GTV becomes a tenant at MLP Pruszków II - 05.02.2018
Żabka has moved into MLP Gliwice - 02.02.2018
MLP Group speeds up - 29.01.2018
MCR Corporation moves into MLP Pruszków II - 22.01.2018
PRO-LOG to increase leased warehouse space at MLP Pruszków I to 20,000 sqm - 16.01.2018
MLP Group launches the construction of the third distribution center for MAKRO Polska - 04.12.2017
Total space leased by the MLP Group approaches half a million square meters - 14.11.2017
Just In Time poised to move into MLP Gliwice - 13.11.2017
MLP Group z dwoma nominacjami do nagród Eurobuild Awards - 08.11.2017
Jakub Kaczorek joins MLP Group - 07.11.2017
A leader in online sales of bathroom accessories in Poland set to move into the MLP Poznań logistics park - 23.10.2017
Launch of the MLP Group’s new investment project in Romania - 20.10.2017
MLP Group enters the Szczecin market with J.W. Construction Holding S.A. - 09.10.2017
Sarantis extends its lease agreement and enlarges its space in MLP Pruszków II - 04.10.2017
Importer and distributor of road accessories in MLP Pruszków II - 25.09.2017
Nearly 10,000 square meters for cargo partner in MLP Pruszków II - 18.09.2017
MLP Group parks go biker-friendly - 05.09.2017
MLP Group to accelerate growth in H2 - 23.08.2017
Zammler is set to remain in MLP Pruszków I - 08.08.2017
Piotr i Paweł chain expands in MLP Lublin - 26.07.2017
ABM receives additional space in MLP Lublin - 18.07.2017
Avery moves into MLP Pruszków II - 04.07.2017
MLP Group expedites the commercialization of space in its facilities - 10.07.2017
MLP Group launches construction of warehouses for Żabka - 31.05.2017
This year the MLP Group intends to expand its industrial space by nearly 40% - 19.05.2017
MLP Group will build a 24,000 square meter logistics center for Żabka - 17.05.2017
Stokrotka is expanding its presence in MLP Lublin - 11.05.2017
MAKRO moves into a new distribution center in MLP Pruszków II - 08.05.2017
Electrolux expands in MLP Pruszków I - 25.04.2017
Dedra enlarges its space in MLP Pruszków I - 13.04.2017
MLP Group launches investment project in Germany - 05.04.2017
Auto Partner SA moves into MLP Pruszków II - 11.04.2017
MLP Group to issue bonds worth up to EUR 50 million - 05.04.2017
MLP Group begins construction of facilities for Piotr i Paweł - 22.03.2017
DTA extends its lease agreement and enlarges its space in MLP Pruszków I - 16.03.2017
MLP Group is getting ready for international expansion - 15.03.2017
Agnieszka Góźdź and Piotr Krawczyk promoted in MLP Group - 13.02.2017
MLP Group’s target warehousing space is nearly 1,2 million square meters - 10.11.2016
Schnug Polska moves into MLP Pruszków II - 09.01.2017
MLP Group leased nearly 100,000 square meters of space in 2016 - 30.01.2017
Makita is another tenant at MLP Pruszków II - 09.11.2016
Another MLP park to be built in Czeladź - 07.11.2016
MLP will build more distribution centers for MAKRO Cash & Carry - 26.10.2016
MLP Group considers the establishment of a REIT - 20.10.2016
MLP Group begins construction of warehouse for Auto Partner - 28.09.2016
MLP Group Expands Cooperation with ABM - 13.10.2016
MLP Group launches construction of distribution center for MAKRO - 06.10.2016
MLP Group strengthens its position in the Poznań area - 21.09.2016
MLP Group to build a warehouse for MAKRO - 14.09.2016
Matras launches the operation of its warehouse space in MLP Pruszków II - 29.08.2016
MLP Group expands its cooperation with Auto Partner - 28.07.2016
Radosław T. Krochta appointed President of MLP Group - 10.06.2016
Teka Polska extends its lease agreement in MLP Pruszków I - 08.06.2016
Value of MLP Group’s investment properties increases - 23.08.2016
MLP Group is preparing a new logistics park in Łódź - 14.03.2016
MLP Group maintains an upward trend of its net asset value - 16.05.2016
Nieten Serwis Celny joins MLP Pruszków I - 08.03.2016
North Coasts extends its stay at MLP Pruszków I - 24.11.2015
MLP Group commences speculative construction projects. The first facility containing 10,000 square meters of space will be built in Poznań - 04.11.2015
Aluflam becomes a new tenant of MLP Pruszków II - 13.10.2015
MLP Group has sold two logistics parks for EUR 90 million - 02.10.2015
In 2014, the value of MLP Group’s real estate exceeded PLN 1 billion - 12.03.2015
Vision Express at MLP Pruszków I - 23.12.2014
The value of MLP Group investment properties exceeded PLN 1 billion - 12.11.2014
Results for 1Q 2014 - 01.05.2014
MLP Group net assets increased by 36% - 01.03.2014
Universal Express becomes a new client of MLP Group - 01.09.2013
APPE joins MLP Tychy - 01.08.2012
BOS expanded the existing area - 01.10.2010
Apollo Electronics joined MLP customers - 01.02.2010
Akzo Nobel at MLP Pruszków I - 01.01.2009