Business profile


The MLP Group S.A. Group is one of the leading European logistics platforms, offering clients a complete range of services, from site identification, through land acquisition, to property management. The unique Build & Hold business model enables the Group to stay in close touch with clients, which helps to keep tenant satisfaction levels high and ultimately translates into excellent occupancy rates. The Group specialises in the construction, holding and management of customer-oriented Class A warehouse, manufacturing, and business parks. Their target tenants are leading multinational and local companies that are strategically investing in new or expanding projects. The Group operates on the Polish, German, Austrian and Romanian market.

MLP Group highlights

  • The Group currently manages a total of 20 logistics parks in all of its geographies, including 13 logistics parks in key locations in Poland, i.e. MLP Pruszków I, MLP Pruszków II, MLP Poznań, MLP Lublin, MLP Teresin, MLP Wrocław, MLP Gliwice, MLP Czeladź, MLP Poznań West, MLP Wrocław West, MLP Łódź, MLP Zgorzelec and MLP Poznań Business Park. In Germany, the Group currently operates five logistics parks: MLP Unna, MLP Business Park Berlin, and MLP Business Park Niederrhein, MLP Business Park Schalke, and MLP Idstein. The Group owns the logistics park MLP Bucharest West in Romania and MLP Business Park Vienna in Austria. The Group’s key customers include logistics, production and e-commerce companies. In 2021, the Group acquired new land with a total area of approximately 59.3 ha, of which 34.3 ha in Poland, 10 ha in Austria, and 15 ha in Germany. Group companies have also signed a number of reservation agreements to purchase new land for planned logistics parks in Poland, Germany and Austria.
  • MLP Group’s target warehousing space, including the investment projects mentioned above, is roughly 1.552 million square meters.
  • PLN 1,825 million – Net Asset Value the end of 2021
  • 762.8 thousand square meters – completed warehouse and manufacturing space leased in our parks at the end of 2021
  • PLN 3,395 million – Group’s investment property portfolio at the end of 2021


We have been operating on the commercial property market since 1998.

We specialize in building and managing modern warehouse centers.

We act in the following capacities:

  • Developer
    We build and lease all warehouse and manufacturing facilities in accordance with customer requirements under pre-let and BTS arrangements.
  • Consultant
    We are involved in every stage of a logistics park’s development, starting from the first location-related decision, to design, obtaining all permits, construction, commercialization and then property management. We deliver comprehensive solutions to optimize warehouse and manufacturing space. We customize our offer to your individual needs.
  • Property manager
    We manage leased space while providing support to our clients for the duration of lease agreements. We provide technical maintenance and upkeep services in the facilities. A dedicated team responsible for all matters in a given park is involved for every tenant’s convenience. We continually analyze the needs of our current and future clients to expand or build new warehouse and manufacturing facilities.

The high quality of services we provide distinguishes us on the market. Our logistics parks offer attractive venues to our tenants.


The Group currently operates two types of warehouse space formats:


  • big box storage facilities,(i.e. large-scale) warehouse facilities, primarily addressing e-commerce growth and increased demand from light industry customers, driven by such factors as relocation of production from Asia to Europe, and
  • City Logistics facilities, operated as MLP Business Parks and offering small warehouse units (ranging from 700 m2 to 2.5 thousand m2). MLP Business Parks are urban logistics projects with a high potential for growth, which address the retail evolution (e-commerce) and are located within or close to city boundaries with easy access to labour and public transportation. The first such projects are MLP Business Park Berlin, MLP Business Park Schalke, MLP Business Park Niederrhein, MLP Business Park Vienna, and MLP Business Park Poznań.