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North Coast continues its business relationship with MLP Group

North Coast continues its business relationship with MLP Group
The distributor of food products originating mostly from Italy has leased 2,500 sqm at the MLP Pruszków II logistics park. North Coast will relocate to the new facility in the second quarter of next year.

North Coast has signed a contract with MLP Group to lease 2,500 sqm at the MLP Pruszków II logistics centre. The company has worked with MLP Group for almost 20 years. At present, the tenant operates from the MLP Pruszków I logistics centre. In the second quarter of 2022, it will move into a new facility at the MLP Pruszków II logistics park.

North Coast specialises in the distribution of premium quality food products originating mostly from Italy, but also from France, Spain, Greece and England. It has more than 25 years of experience in the Polish and Central European markets. Currently, the company imports products manufactured by 70 leading producers of branded goods and in the case of a majority of the goods holds the exclusive right to distribute them in the Polish market.

‘North Coast has been with us since almost the very inception of MLP Group. The new lease contract and the relocation to the MLP Pruszków II logistics centre confirm that MLP Group’s offering is attractive and well tailored to the tenant’s expectations. Our ‘build & hold’ strategy works perfectly in this case and our long-term tenant appreciates the fact that during the contract term it can work with the same people who are responsible for the provision of high quality of services,’ said Agnieszka Góźdź, Sales Director at MLP Group S.A.

MLP Group aims to build energy efficient and sustainable facilities. Its environmentally friendly solutions enhance the attractiveness of the offering while reducing operating expenses for those tenants who have signed long-term contracts. By installing photovoltaic power systems, the company consistently contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Also, MLP Group promotes the fast-growing trend of car-sharing by providing parking spaces near the entrance to the building for people sharing cars.

MLP Pruszków II is a logistics centre located in the municipality of Brwinów near Warsaw, five kilometres from Pruszków. With a target leasable space of 359,000 sqm, it is the region’s largest logistics complex. To accommodate the rapid expansion of the logistics park, a second access road to the site, intended for passenger cars and delivery vehicles, has been opened. This will greatly enhance access to specific facilities for employees and suppliers alike. Thanks to its flexible approach to individual tenant needs, the centre is able to meet the requirements of clients representing various industries. MLP Pruszków II has well-developed transport links with central Warsaw as well as the main arteries connecting the capital with other cities. The park is located between local road No. 760 and the A2 motorway, three kilometres from the junction in the Pruszków-Żbików area. In addition, MLP Pruszków II has a Nextbike bike rental facility, and employees are able to use a bus service available on the park’s premises. The international railway lines located in the hub’s vicinity make for excellent logistics conditions both for domestic and international distribution.

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