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MLP will build more distribution centers for MAKRO Cash & Carry

The MLP Group has signed new contracts with the wholesale chain MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska for the construction of two additional distribution centers in Czeladź and Wrocław. Their total surface area will be 17,200 square meters.

In accordance with the new contracts, the MLP Group will prepare for MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska two additional distribution centers with a total surface area of approximately 17,200 square meters. One of them, with an area of 8,600 square meters, will be constructed in Upper Silesia in the vicinity of Czeladź. The other warehouse will be located near Wrocław. Its area will also be 8,600 square meters.

The contracts mark an expansion of the MLP Group’s cooperation with the MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska chain. As a result of the execution of these new contracts, the number of warehouse facilities leased by MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska from the MLP Group has increased from one to three. Their total warehousing area will be approximately 27,300 square meters. The MLP Group signed the first contract with MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska in mid-September 2016. Its terms provide for the construction of a warehouse facility by the developer with an area of 10,100 square meters in the MLP Pruszków II logistics park.

“We consider this expansion of our cooperation with one of the largest trading businesses in the world a very important step in our relations. On the one hand, it confirms to us that our offer is very attractive to our clients. This attractiveness translates into a steady acquisition of new contracts and a continuous growth in the value of our group. On the other hand, we are proud to be a partner supporting MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska in the construction of a network of warehouses”, emphasizes Radosław T. Krochta, President of the Management Board of MLP GROUP S.A.

All facilities contracted by MAKRO Cash & Carry Polska will be fitted with state-of-the-art technological solutions, including a CO2 refrigeration system to ensure low electricity consumption and a high level of environmental protection. The delivery of the finished warehouses is slated for the first half of 2017.
“With these state of the art facilities we will further improve the quality of our horeca Food Service which has already reached a leading position on the market with the single objective to satisfy our customers”, remarks Eric Poirier, CEO of MAKRO

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