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MLP Group to issue EUR 20m worth of bonds

MLP Group to issue EUR 20m worth of bonds
MLP Group is set to carry out another bond issue worth EUR 20m. The debt securities will be issued on November 17th 2021 and repurchased on May 17th 2024.

The Management Board of MLP Group has passed a resolution to issue 20,000 unsecured Series D bonds with a nominal value of EUR 1,000 per bond. The bonds will be offered to qualified buyers. The bonds will be issued on November 17th 2021 at an issue price of EUR 1,000 per bond. Their maturity date is May 17th 2024. The issue will raise EUR 20m for MLP Group.

‘Recently, we have held a series of meetings with investors who confirmed their interest in taking up bonds and funding growth of MLP Group. Also, we are satisfied with the coupon rate, which currently stands at around 1.70%,’ said Monika Dobosz, CFO at MLP Group S.A.

The transaction is yet another bond issue carried out by MLP Group in the difficult time of pandemic that will deliver satisfactory proceeds to the company. The Group has already raised EUR 50.1m through share and bond issues this year. Issue proceeds are used mainly to support business growth in Germany, Austria and Poland and to purchase land for new projects.

In keeping with its build & hold strategy, MLP Group retains completed logistics parks in its portfolio and manages them. All projects undertaken by MLP Group are distinguished by very attractive locations of the logistics parks, application of built-to-suit solutions, and support given to tenants during the lease term.

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