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MLP Group to issue bonds worth up to EUR 50 million

The Management Board of MLP Group has established a bond issue program with a total value of up to EUR 50 million. The proceeds will largely be earmarked to finance international expansion. The bonds will be offered in multiple series in private placements. Bank Pekao will act as the issue arranger.

The Management Board of MLP Group has adopted a resolution to set up a corporate bond issuance program. It provides for the issue of debt securities in multiple series up to EUR 50 million, forming the maximum permissible total value of outstanding bonds.

“The proceeds obtained from the bond issue will be earmarked, among others, for real estate purchases on the German market around Dortmund and on the Romanian market in Bucharest. The issue size and dates of the various series will be driven by current capital needs and transaction timing. We intend to launch international investments this year,” emphasized Radosław T. Krochta, President of the Management Board of MLP Group S.A.

The program as ratified provides for issuing unsecured bonds entitling bondholders to receive benefits only in the form of cash. The par value of the securities will be EUR 1 thousand or a multiple thereof. The maturity of the bonds issued under the program will be for no more than 10 years. The detailed terms and conditions for issuing the various series of the bonds will be specified separately in the pertinent issue documents. The bonds may be floated on the alternative trading system on the Warsaw Stock Exchange’s Catalyst market.

Bank Pekao will act in the capacity of issue arranger. The bond issue program agreement has been concluded for an indefinite term.

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