MLP Group unveils strategic goals through 2028

MLP Group unveils strategic goals through 2028
The Group aims to at least double its revenue to EUR 183m–215m in 2028, triple its EBITDA (excluding revaluations) within five years to EUR 112m–132m in 2028, nearly triple funds from operations (FFO) to EUR 51m–60m in 2028, and at least double its net asset value (NAV) per share to EUR 48–56 in 2028.

The Management Board of MLP Group has unveiled the key goals of its growth strategy for 2024–2028. The 2024 strategic goals set in the growth strategy for 2021–2024 have been updated in response to shifts in the macro environment and the impact of the war in Ukraine. The Company plans to transition to reporting in euros from 2025/2026 onward.

‘We’re seeing favourable market conditions with stable demand in the warehouse sector. Additionally, some of our European competitors are facing difficulties in financing new projects, which further fuels our optimistic outlook for future growth. The current situation allows us to purchase new land in Europe, which is vital for our business expansion. In the coming years, the German and Austrian markets will strongly contribute to our results, enhancing our performance and helping us achieve our strategic goals,’ said Radosław T. Krochta, President of the MLP Group Management Board.

Based on published estimates, MLP Group’s consolidated revenue for 2024 is projected to fall within the range of EUR 83m–98m, showing an increase of up to around a dozen percent compared with the previous year. In the following years, revenue is expected to rise to EUR 111m–131m, EUR 131m–155m, EUR 156m–184m, and EUR 183m–215m in 2028.

EBITDA, excluding revaluations, is set to triple over the next five years. In 2024, it is expected to reach EUR 44m–52m, increasing to EUR 64m–76m in 2025, EUR 78m–92m in 2026, EUR 95m–111m in 2027, and landing in the range of EUR 112m–132m in 2028.

Funds from operations (FFO) will steadily rise in the coming years, reaching EUR 51m–60m in 2028, compared with EUR 21m in 2023.

‘Our primary focus is on the profitability of the business – EBITDA growth and maximising FFO. These are the most important criteria for us. We place strong emphasis on achieving balanced growth while maintaining conservative financial parameters and ensuring the high quality of our tenant portfolio,’ added Radosław T. Krochta.

The Management Board of MLP Group aims for a consistent increase in net asset value per share. By 2028, it is expected to be in the range of EUR 48–56, compared with EUR 23 in 2023.

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