MLP Group: leader in sustainable construction

MLP Group: leader in sustainable construction
Over the past two years, MLP Group has obtained BREEAM In-Use certifications for buildings with a total area exceeding 500,000 sqm. Including recertifications for units whose three-year period has expired and certificates secured for newly constructed warehouses, the Group now holds certifications confirming the high standard of sustainable construction for 85% of its portfolio. Certification is pending for the remaining 15%.

MLP Group is successfully putting the principles of sustainable development into action, setting the highest environmental standards in the logistics and industrial property sector. Its projects undergo BREEAM and DGNB certification processes, confirming adherence to international environmental protection standards.

Over the past two years, the Group has received BREEAM In-Use certifications for 42 warehouse units with a total area exceeding 557,000 sqm. The assessments covered existing buildings, with 20 achieving a ‘Good’ rating, 21 a ‘Very Good’ rating, and one an ‘Excellent’ rating. The certifications are valid for three years and will be regularly renewed at the same or higher level.

As part of its strategy, all newly constructed units are immediately certified indefinitely at the ‘Excellent’ level. MLP Group no longer builds new warehouse units to a lower standard. Simultaneously, recertifications were conducted for units where the three-year period had already expired.

As a result, MLP Group has now achieved nearly one million square metres of fully certified space, representing 85% of its entire property portfolio. The remaining 15% pertains to buildings awaiting certification. This means that nearly 100% of the built and occupied space has or will soon have valid certifications. Only 0.7% of the entire portfolio comprises five historic brick buildings located in the MLP Pruszków I logistics centre, which remain uncertified.

‘We consistently improve our infrastructure, invest in sustainable technologies, employ best practices in building operations, and collaborate with our tenants and local communities to protect the environment. We are likely the only company that has certified nearly its entire portfolio of facilities in such a short period. At the MLP Poznań West logistics centre, we conducted a recertification and necessary improvements for one of the units leased by InPost, elevating the certification from ‘Very Good’ to ‘Excellent’. We achieved this certification without any issues raised by the certifying body, which is a notable accomplishment. This success demonstrates that our documentation was clear and precise, underscoring our commitment to creating lasting value for our investors, tenants, and employees,’ said Marcin Dobieszewski, Head of Property Management & ESG.

The largest share of the certifications, over 68%, is rated ‘Very Good’, with ‘Very Good’ and ‘Excellent’ ratings together comprising over 75% of the total. Nearly 23% of the properties hold a ‘Good’ rating, and only about 2% are rated ‘Pass’. The recertification process for 28 existing properties in Poland will soon commence, during which improvements will be made to ensure their BREEAM certification levels reach ‘Very Good’ or ‘Excellent’.

In keeping with its build & hold strategy, MLP Group retains completed logistics parks in its portfolio and manages them. All projects undertaken by MLP Group are distinguished by very attractive locations of the logistics parks, application of built-to-suit solutions, and support given to tenants during the lease term.

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