MLP Business Park Niederrhein-Schwalmtal

Not far from the Dutch border – in the heart of Europe – the MLP Business Park Niederrhein-Schwalmtal will be built. The modern business park arises on the 12,5 ha industrial site of the Rösler-Draht AG company on Dülkener Straße / Heerstraße / Eickener Straße.

It offers 64,000 m² of total usable space, distributed over two halls. Flexibly divisible rental units starting at 150 m2 provide space for up to 15 tenants.

The MLP Business Park Niederrhein-Schwalmtal impresses with its central location in the heart of Europe, on the Lower Rhine in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia. From here, the cities of Düsseldorf, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach as well as the Dutch border can be reached in less than 40 km. The expansion of the A52 motorway and the immediate vicinity of the B221 trunk road and the L 371 country road provide excellent transport links to the community.

MLP Business Park Niederrhein

12.5 ha

Park plot

64000 m2

Target area

0 m2

Existing space

64000 m2

Area for rent

Impressive concept

Geared to the requirements of a broad user mix

Special attention to small and medium-sized enterprises

High-quality architecture and equipment

Sustainable building concept, goal: holistic CO₂ reduction over the entire life cycle

Attractive office and social areas

E-charging stations for bicycles

Green outdoor areas as "meeting zones" and pond with seating for resident employees

MLP Business Park Niederrhein-Schwalmtal

Heerstraße 13, 41366 Schwalmtal, Niemcy

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